Born: June 28th 1971

Throws boomerangs since: 1983

1999 german ranking: # 13

Torsten was World Individual Vice-Champion 1994 in Japan. Being a member of so many German boomerang teams, he has similarly amounts of experience as 'team Grand Pa' Günter. At the World Boomerang Championships 2000 Torsten saved the third day with his massive MTA throw in team Super Catch! Torsten is somebody you really can count on - and someday we will teach him how to act during an awards ceremony, too...

Oli about Torsten: "My second boomerang father since 1989."

Gerrit about Torsten: "When I went to my first German Nationals in 1987 I was an absolute beginner, but Torsten was already known as the 'fastest hand in the north'. Especially due to his lightening-quick transition times he has won that year's Third Place in the German Fast Catch Championship. I was deeply impressed..."

Günter about Torsten: "You better not get confused by his calmness: Torsten is fast!"

Harald about Torsten: "A natural talent in respect to ability to move - no-one is as fast and as calm during Fast Catch transition. He's effectiveness personified."





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