Born: May 29th 1971

Throws boomerangs since: 1986

1999 german ranking: # 3

Gerrit was team captain for the Young Guns' first win of a world title at the World Boomerang Championships 1996 in New Zealand. His greatest victories: German National Vice-Champion 1998 and German National Champion 1999. He is not the kind of thrower you notice particularly, but scores very strong. Furthermore Gerrit is the designer of the team and is responsible for team clothing and team appearance generally.

Torsten about Gerrit: "Computer master mind and chief designer with an attitude. Additionally 'money in a bank' when it comes to excellent scores."

Oli about Gerrit: "Each team needs a cool-headed person - and ours is Gerrit."

GŁnter about Gerrit: "I've been knowing Gerrit for 12 years now and over all this time he constantly got better."





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