Born: November 6th 1971

Throws boomerangs since: 1986

1999 german ranking: # 8

The team's only left-handed thrower. Since the time Harald had won his first ever tournament, which raised quite a lot of up-roar among german boomeranging, he is one of the best indeed. His greatest victories: German National Champion 1993 and 1998, European Champion 1995, World Fast Catch Champion 1994, World Australian Round Champion 1998, World MTA Champion 2000, Third Place Overall in the World Individual Championship 2000...

Oli about Harald: "The quite one in our team. Harald always cares, is always informed, helps and asks the right questions, throws and wins."

Torsten about Harald: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Steckman!"





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