Born: October 6th 1971

Throws boomerangs since: 1986

1999 german ranking: # 1

Fridolin Frost is undoubtably Europe's most well-known and most successful thrower. In 1992 aa well as 1998 he became World Individual Champion, additionally he has won uncounted European and German titles. He holds almost all German and one World Record. Frido was team captain for the Young Guns' second win of a world title at the World Boomerang Championships 1998. He provides the teram with 100% of his boomerang knowledge and abilities. At the World Boomerang Championships 2000 he took away the title of World Trick Catch Champion from Oli.

Oli about Frido: "Amazingly ambitious and self-critical, but also appreciates other throwers' success very much. He amazes me over and over again."

GŁnter about Frido: "There have been are a lot of tournaments, where Frido's scores have been twice as good as the second best. Perfection - in every event - is his second Christian name."

Harald about Frido: "Regarding his unbeatable World Accuracy Record, he successfully increased his scores in his last weak event, if you could talk about weak at all..."





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