Born: May 25th 1977

Throws boomerangs since: 1989

1999 german ranking: # 2

The youngest of the "Young Guns" - but nevertheless Oli has already achieved an impressive amount of successes: German National Champion 1997, World Trick Catch Champion 1998, quite a few tournament victories, e.g. the well-known and honored Dutch Whitsun Tournament 1999.

GŁnter about Oli: "The 'Crown Prince' of german boomeranging"

Torsten about Oli: "Recent years' rookie celebrity , but already one of the 'old and experienced' tournament throwers"

Gerrit about Oli: "With his VW caravan is Oli THE 'road warrior' among german boomerangs - there is hardly any tournament without him. And a chilled drink in his VW caravan's freezer is always guaranteed."

Harald about Oli: "Despite of his young age, Oli already proved many times that he is capable of beating anyone in competition. Young, energetic, successful."





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