Born: August 8th 1970

Throws boomerangs since: 1983

1999 german ranking: # 6

GŁnter is definitely the most experienced thrower in the team. The huge mental strength of the team is to a large amount due to him. In 1992 GŁnter was World MTA Champion and German Accuracy Champion. Still legendary is his German Fast Catch Record, which he set 1993 in Amsterdam using a boomerang borrowed from Torsten just two throws before the second round started. At the World Boomerang Championships 2000 the Young Guns were led by GŁnter, their team captain.

Torsten about GŁnter: "Our epicentre of experience, information, analysis and tactics."

Oli about GŁnter: "My boomerang father since 1989."

Gerrit about GŁnter: "Since 1993 constantly among the German Top 10: Very impressive which consistance GŁnter shows over the years."

Harald about GŁnter: "Not only our team psychologist!"


Boomerangs by Günter Möller
Boomerang-Auctions by Günter Möller




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